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The Snowminds Instructor "On-Mountain" Essentials


In this package we have gathered our most essential Snowminds gear that you will need as a ski instructor on the mountain. Best of all, the entire packet comes with a 50% discount off the normal price!

To keep your head and neck feeling cozy, we have included a few must-haves for any ski instructor. You will get a Jibber Beanie, which fits perfectly under your helmet on colder days. For neck and face protection, you will also receive two of our favorite items: the Return of the Fleece and the Bank Robber Balaclava. The fleece are amazing on the cold days, where as the balaclava can be used any given day as face/neck/throat protection for the wind. In short, there's no better way to stay healthy and feeling good than with this set of essentials.

On top of that you will receive an Accezzi boot warmer, which is a savior for drying your stinky boots after a long day on the slopes. If you wear your Snowminds ski socks, you'll at least be a little better off!

The Instructor "On-Mountain" Essentials Package includes:

1 x Snuggly Motherfucker 
1 x Bank Robber Balaclava 
1 x Jibber Beanie
1 x Thermal-Nuclear Ski Socks - Grey
1 x Thermal-Nuclear Ski Socks - Blue
1 x Accezzi Ski Boot Dryer