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The Snowminds Collection Package


If you want to join the team with style this package gives you the most popular Snowminds gear from the Snowminds Collection. You will get a long sleeve tee, a ill beanie, and then pep it up with the scorpion tee in your favourite color... yellow, right!?

You will also get the SLOWMO pants and when you step into these comfy fuckers, time stops. The last thing is the Free Willy Slippers, wear these black and white slippers like the most famous killer whale of all time, Free Willy. 

And you save the only temperature that is the same in both Fahrenheit and Celsius... Minus 40 degrees and "40 below,” so 40% off!!

Fit: The Free Willy Slippers fits small, we suggest to ge one size up

Snowminds apparel package contains:

Free Willy Slippers

Yotei Tee (Long Sleeve)

Hipster Beanie


Scorpion Tee