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Snowminds Uniformen (Navy) Package


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WINTER IS COMING! That's right, Snowminds Instructors, things are finally getting real now.
For this reason we are ready and super excited to present you with the Snowminds Uniform. Together with a crew of our former Snowminders, we have for the first time ever designed a uniform that ensures we all stand together and, at the same time, show which particular country you will shred powder as a Snowmind's instructor this winter season!
The uniforms are sharp and simple, and composed of a specially designed Snowminds Instructor Midlayer and a Snowminds Instructor Tee. Both products are sold exclusively to Snowminds instructors.
Our Snowminds Instructor Midayer is a multi-jacket that many of our instructors have been requesting for years. It is thin but will still keep you warm with the down material. The Midlayer also comes with the characteristic "Snowminds Instructor" label on one shoulder, along with the flag from the country you will be working at on the other shoulder. There are also two "invisible" pockets on the sides. In short, this mid-layer is designed to be an indispensable tool for the winter season and your new best friend!
The Snowminds Instructor Tee comes in 3 different versions for each destination country: Austria, Canada, Japan. From a distance, you may think the Instructor Tees all look the same. When you take a closer look, however, you will see that each tee varies by symbolizing one of the three countries above. In terms of material, the tees are made out of high quality cotton and also come with the "Snowminds Instructor" label on one sleeve, which clearly shows you are part of the Snowminds team.
The standard price for the Snowminds Uniform package is 900 DKK (Midlayer 600 kr. and Instructor Tee 300 kr.), For a limited time, however, we are offer you the package for only 600 kr. person! That's a 44% discount!
Sizes: The sizes are unisex. If you are a girl we recommend a select one size down (smaller). These tees are limited in stock, so we can not guarantee all sizes will be available. We also use first to the mill principle.
To recap, the Snowminds Uniform includes:
- 1 Snowminds Instructor Midlayer
- 1 Snowminds Instructor Tee (where you select the flag patch for your destination country)