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Goggle Condom Blue


Have you tried this before?

Tired of scratches on your lenses? Yes, we thought so! This is a 'Take-My-Money-Product'. It will keep your vulnerable babies safe and rumors says that it is Jerry proof - what does that mean; it means the force will keep all the Jerrys away from your goggles. Their skis, helmets, backpacks and whatever they can hit your goggle with in crowded araers.  

What is it?

The Snowminds  gogglesoc is a funky and stretchy microfiber cover to protect your goggles while they’re not being used.
It’s an innovative replacement to your goggle bag. Your gogglesoc comes with you everywhere to keep your lenses safe from scratches and your vision unaffected. 

Where to wear the soc:

- Aprés
- Lunch Time
- In Your Gear Bag
- On The Shuttle Bus
- In The Gondola Lift