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Snowminds Apparel Privacy Policy

Updated 23 May, 2018


I. Introduction

At Snowminds Apparel Aps, we are committed to doing the right thing when it comes to how we collect, use and protect your personal data. Your privacy matters to us, so please do take the time to read our updated privacy policy terms, which seek to clearly explain:  

What types of personal data we collect and why we collect it.

When and how we may share personal data with our partners

The choices you have, including how to access, update or delete your personal data. 

We tried to keep our privacy update as simple as possible, but please contact us anytime at if you have any questions or seek clarification.


II. Processing & Use of Personal Data

(1) Processing of Data

If you make a purchase (i.e. clothing or goods) from Snowminds Apparel ApS, you may have entered a number of personal data information, including but not limited to the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Payment Information
  • Clothing size

(2) Cookies Policy

Snowminds Apparel ApS uses cookies in order to provide you with an efficient service and good experience. A cookie is a small text file of which there are two types:

1) Session cookies: Effectively, these record the electronic conversation that you have with the Snowminds Apparel ApS website and reminds the website where you were in that conversation. Session cookies are purely required for the website to function and are in no way used to identify your personal information.

2) Permanent cookies: Many sites apply permanent cookies. These store a few numbers on your hard drive, which are visible by looking in the cookies directory of your browser installation. They last for a long time and every time you visit the website you send a copy of them to Snowminds Apparel ApS, which allows us to identify you between visits. These permanent cookies are not essential for the functioning of the website but will greatly improve your website experience. We do not store any personal data in these cookies, just a unique number that identifies you to us.

(3) Use of Data

We take your personal data very seriously and use it to fulfill our contract agreements and deliver better customer service. Specifically, the personal data we collect is used to expedite your purchase and fulfill our part of the deal. We may also use your personal data for the delivery of products, customer lists, invoices, marketing, customer surveys, newsletters, online blogs, online chat systems and internal statistics. All statistics and analysis will be created in an anonymized and aggregate format and therefore not contain any personally identifiable information.

We safely store some of your personal data for up to 5 years, so you can more easily shop with us in the future and to properly satisfy accounting laws. Your personal information will be  deleted immediately after this period, unless you have explicitly given us permission to keep it for a useful purpose.

Please Note: Snowminds Apparel ApS does not make any decisions based on automatic processing of personal data, including profiling. We therefore ask you to update us if there are any changes to your personal contact information so we can therefore ensure that your information is accurate. If you have created a personal customer profile with Snowminds Apparel ApS, we ask you to please make such updates through our online profile system.

III. Consent


(1) Legal Basis for Data Use

Snowminds Apparel ApS processes your personal information on the following legal basis: (1) Explicit Consent of the Individual, (2) For fulfillment of a contract or purchase, (3) Compliance with all legal obligations, (4) Legitimate interest of the data controller, (5) The protection of an individual’s vital interest.

(2) Consent for Marketing Purposes

If you have ticked the box "Yes, I give my consent that you may contact me by e-mail newsletters or other means", you should expect us to keep your email address and information about your previous purchases until it is no longer relevant. In practice, this means until you have told us that you no longer wish to receive emails from us.

You can ALWAYS withdraw your consent. To do so, you can click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails, or just contact us at Please indicate that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters and other offers and we will immediately remove you from our email lists.

IV. Data Security

We always treat your personal data in a safe and confidential manner in accordance with applicable laws, including privacy regulation and data protection law. Your information will only be used for relevant purposes and will be deleted when that purpose is fulfilled or no longer relevant.

(1) Permission to Transfer Information Internally

Snowminds Apparel ApS also uses third pary systems when necessary to delivery quality service. Specifically, we use third parties to process your payment information and for shipping/handling your purchases. As required by law, we have entered into data processing agreements with these companies, which are intended to guarantee that they comply with applicable regulations on the protection of your personal data.

(2) Permission to Transfer Information to External Partners

By making a purchase with Snowminds Apparel ApS, you consent that we may safely and securely disclose the personal information listed below to our partners to assist with the completion of your purchase:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Type of goods ordered

In practice, we may transfer your information to our external partners for shippment of clothing and other items. The list of personal data points above is not exhaustive and may in some cases include other information when necessary to fulfill a contractual agreement.

(3) Transfer of Information Outside of the European Union (EU)

Due to the nature of our business, Snowminds Apparel ApS may need to work with external partners outside of the European Union in order to deliver our products. Without the posssibility to work with these external partners, we would not be able to fulfill our contractual agreements and offer the same products abroad. In many cases, the data protection laws in countries outside of the EU are less rigid compared to current EU standards. Whenever possible, Snowminds Apparel ApS will transfer all information on the basis of the recommendations put forward by the European Commission. In such cases where it is not possible to fulfill the above recommendations, Snowminds Apparel ApS will transfer information in accordance with the governing data protection law Article 49, 1(b) due to the contract between you and Snowminds Apparel ApS (i.e. related to the purchase of clothing). It is therefore important that you understand that in some cases when your personal information is transferred to our partners outside of the European Union, your information will not have the same legal protections provided by EU countries.

V. Information, Objection, Modification, Data Portability and Deletion

You can ALWAYS contact us to find out what type of personal data is currently held by us. This can be done simply by contacting us at the following address:

Snowminds Apparel ApS

Registration Number: DK34621950
Refshalevej 163 A

Floor 1, 1432 Copenhagen, Denmark
Telephone: +45 28 99 35 99

If there are errors with any of your personal information, you can always ask to have this information corrected. You also have the right to receive all your personal information in a common format (i.e. data portability). In either case, whether you want to amend your information or receive your data in a common format, you are very welcome to write to us at

If you no longer want us to use your personal data, or prefer that we limit the processing of your personal data, you can also send us a request to the above email address. Your information (except your email address, if you have given your consent for the receipt of newsletters or other offers) will be deleted after approximately 5 years, unless you have consented otherwise.

If you wish to withdraw your consent to the processing of your e-mail address (so we can send you our newsletter and relevant offers), it can always be done easily by clicking the “Unsubsribe” link at the bottom of our emails.


If you wish to complain about the our company’s treatment of your personal data, you can contact:

Data Protection Agency

Borgergade 28.5.

1300 Copenhagen

Phone: +45 33 19 32 00