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Merino Magic Combo Package


All of us know it is not the best idea to wear the same underwear for 6-7 days straight, but we have all done it because it was a way a better idea to have one.. two..... nine beer instead of doing your laundry. Do yourself a favor, bring more than one pair of underwear!

This Merino Magic V1 set combines the softness of a spoiled baby Kiwi sheep with a design that meets the technical needs of a Danish special ops soldier. Cool Fact: The specs comes from the same Danish manufacturer that produces identical technical underwear for the Danish Royal Army.

 And even though we put a glorious man body inside the product picture, this is actually UNISEX!

FYI: The only difference between Merino Magic V1 and Merino Magic V2 is the color way.

The Package Contains:

1 x Merino Magic V1 Set

1 x Merino Magic V2 Set